Cunt... Careless - Suppository / Grot - Regain In Disbelief / Untitled (CD)

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  2. Suppository - 6 CDs Discography (, Incl. Split with Regurgitate, Agathocles, Grot, Entrails Massacre, Tekken, Sergent Slaughter, Fate).
  3. Grot is a grindcore band from US. Recording information: Suppository: Recorded and mixed on November 4th at De Studio in Asse, Belgium. Grot: Tracks recorded in November, at the Warren Studios Hull.
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  7. Urethral suppositories are rare. There’s only one kind, MUSE, which men with erection problems can use to take the drug alprostadil. The suppository is about the size of a grain of rice.
  8. Nov 07,  · It's possible to save a bit of money by using soap suppositories (make sure the soap contains no artificial perfumes and no detergent: either plain unscented soap, e.g "simple", or, for better results, glycerine soap). Reply. Posted by BW55 on
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