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Aquarius Rising

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  1. Aquarius rising is a very exciting aspect and adds a touch of adventure and fun to your personality. This personality component is reputed for being detached, standoffish, yet logical and focused. It ensure that your ideas are revolutionary and your creativity knows no bounds.
  2. Aries sun Aquarius rising; a sociable combination. Here’s a combination which exudes good humor and a joy for life. Passionate, bubbly and an idealist, you’re constantly in search for originality and avoid any habits that you find damaging. Freedom is your watch word and your Aquarius ascendant blesses you with unrivalled sociability which pushes you to interact with as many people as.
  3. Aquarius Rising Physical Frame and Looks. A note about physical characteristics: You may have some of these features and you may not, it depends on any First House Planets or Mars' positioning in your chart. In the looks department, Aquarius rising people can have a nice sized forehead. Your eyes rove but they sure are dreamy. You are slim and.
  4. Aquarius rising are independent natives, they like being original, free, innovative and always see themselves as a little different. They like to follow what is off the beaten track. This speciality about them remains throughout their life. Their observation ability is exceptional too.
  5. Oct 29,  · The Aquarius Rising is a mysterious sign indeed. Such individuals have the gift of being able to see the larger picture by taking a step back and looking at life from the broader perspective. This also gives them an objective insight into the world and the way it functions. Often, we tend to get lost in the details and fail to see the big congsupkewatalotoubudhclubarsabooks.coinfo: Imelda Green.
  6. Jan 16,  · Aquarius is the ultimate freedom-lover, with a far-sighted vision. With Aquarius Rising, a person makes surprise moves and choices, often to the shock of others. The Aquarius Rising friend is easy to be with and yet can quickly transform into the loner. You resist conventional small talk and like to shock or stir up controversy in some way.
  7. Based on the Aquarius rising meaning, Aquarius people are creative. Their minds always seem to be focused on something new and exciting. Some may say that they get distracted easily, but an Aquarius person will say that they are just moving onto one thing to another faster than someone else congsupkewatalotoubudhclubarsabooks.coinfo: Betty Crawford.
  8. Aquarius Rising means you’re “ruled” by Uranus. Or, because nobody “rules” Aqua Rising, it’s more like Uranus rays transmit into their neural matrix while the Aquarius Rising .

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