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  1. The abacus was the Chinese calculator of olden days used by literate businessmen and financial planners. Owning an abacus was an auspicious sign that one had way too much money to keep track of. display this abacus in the Northwest for solid financial support from influential congsupkewatalotoubudhclubarsabooks.coinfos:
  2. ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS. An IT services company, driven by a single aim: to give our customers, colleagues and partners, the most comfortable IT experience possible.. In other words, we support you with your projects and help you to live, work and progress easily in an ideal IT space.
  3. Abakus VCL is a complete toolkit of all kinds of useful components for Delphi and C ++ Builder. These components cover a wide range of different requirements, which can be used in a variety of business and engineering applications. In this series, you can find components such as analog clocks, audio sensors, equalizers, rotary controls, digital.
  4. Deca koja savladaju abakus računanje, imaju veću mogućnost za optimalni razvoj svojih liderskih veština, intelekta i emocionalne inteligencije. Nastanak abakusa. Tačno poreklo abakusa nije moguće sa sigurnošću utvrditi. Reč abakus dolazi do nas iz engleskog .
  5. Abakus plays an active role in international seminars on mental arithmetic. Since , we have been actively building partner cooperation with numerous educational centers in many countries that function as branches and representative offices of the Abakus Center. What is mental arithmetic.
  6. ABAKUS GmBH Am Fuchsberg 6 Magdeburg. was established since manufacturing quality natural latex gloves. It has annual installed capacity for output of over million latex gloves. Using coagulant dipping process, ABAKUS GmBH (AGmBH) offers best quality latex gloves for medical examination and general or household use to both.
  7. Abakus Europe is now online! For some time we have planned to run our courses also online. The current situation made us to implement our plans as soon as possible. Abakus center today. 20 Pupils are studying in our centers. Locations where you can find Abakus Center. Countries.
  8. Abacus definition, a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved. See more.

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